Hi there! Fascinated evermore by images which transport mood, emotion and story I started creating images with paint, photography and film. After many film productions in several roles on professional film sets and as student cinematographer I graduated on the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg 2009 as director of photography. Since than I am entirely dedicated to computer-generated imagery and had positions as:

– Matte Painter
– Concept Artist
– Layout/Previs Artist
– 3D Artist/Generalist
– Compositing Artist
– Interface Designer
– XR Media Designer
– XR Experience Designer

Here is a summary of software which made my work possible:

– Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere
– 3ds Max, Maya, Vue
– VRay, Arnold, Mental Ray, Krakatoa
– Nuke, Mari
– PFlow, Thinking Particles
– Phoenix, FumeFX, Ray Fire, After Burn
– Match Mover
– Unity Engine, Unreal Engine

Programming languages I used:
– C#, C++

Recently I design applications for virtual and augmented reality experiences on Oculus, Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and HTML5.